The Heritage Coast Federation


The Federation Values - Respect

Respect has different meanings but all play a part in how Christians value themselves and the lives of others. Respecting those that love and care for us, our parents, carers and those in the local community is an important value at The Heritage Coast Federation. We should appreciate what is done for us, finding cooperation not conflict and take responsibility.


Romans 13 states that we should, “Pay others the honour and respect you owe them.”


In our schools we believe everyone is special; everyone's opinion matters; everyone's contribution is important; everyone's feelings should be considered; everyone's faith is sacred.


Christians recognise that respect needs to start with ourselves, we are all unique. Having self-respect means being able to celebrate our gifts and talents, looking after ourselves and the bodies that God has given us. Having self-respect also means nurturing our talents so that we the best we can be, honouring how God has made us and being confident about who we are.


Our Children tell us:


· We want everyone to respect the views of others, even if we don’t share them.

· We want adults and children to respect each other.

· We want all people to respect possessions and property belonging to others.

· We want our community to welcome and respect the people who come to visit.

· We want visitors to respect the village, sea and beach and to take their rubbish home.


Jesus teaches us, "Do for others just what you want them to do for you.” Luke 6:31.

Here Jesus is telling how we should behave with anyone, not just believers. The instruction is unconditional: it is simply the right way to live.



Flourish, succeed, let your light shine. 🕯️